Mowgli Learns to Swim. Book audio @
  • Mowgli Learns to Swim. Book audio @

Mowgli Learns to Swim. Book audio @

  • ISBN: 9788431684341
  • Matèria: Anglès
  • Idioma: Anglès
  • Colecció: Black Cat. Earlyreads

Más información

  • Autors: R. Hobart
  • Format: Papel


Ruth Hobart

The illustrations in this exciting reader for beginners will enthuse children to the point that they won't... want to part with their Mowgli.
When Mowgli meets the tiger, Shera Khan and isn&rsquot able to cross the river to escape, he realises that he must learn to swim. With a little help from his friends Baloo, Bagheera, Hathi and the others, Mowgli discovers that swimming isn&rsquot so difficult after all!
This simple, yet involving story will enable beginners to develop self-confidence as they read in a foreign language.
There are fun activities, a glossary in three languages &ndash Italian, French and German, a list of useful expressions and answers to the exercises. The accompanying CD contains the text recorded in full.

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