Missing in Sydney. Free Audiobook
  • Missing in Sydney. Free Audiobook

Missing in Sydney. Free Audiobook

  • ISBN: 9788431608804
  • Matèria: Anglès
  • Idioma: Anglès
  • Colecció: Black Cat. Reading and training

Más información

  • Autors: Andrea M. Hutchinson
  • MCER: A2
  • Format: Papel


Andrea M. Hutchinson


Three best friends are travelling around Australia in search... of adventure before they start university back home in the UK. But after celebrating Christmas Day on Sydney&rsquos Bondi Beach one of them goes missing. Lisa is just an ordinary 18-year-old, so why would anyone want to kidnap her? Amy and Claire are determined to find her, but as they search desperately through the city of Sydney they do not know that Lisa and her kidnapper share a chilling connection&hellip

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