L'Odissea. Libro
  • L'Odissea. Libro

L'Odissea. Libro

  • ISBN: 9788853002860
  • Matèria: Italià
  • Idioma: Italià
  • Colecció: CIDEB. It. Classici

Más información

  • Autors: Omero
  • MCER: A2,B1
  • Format: Papel



Retold by Cinzia Medaglia
Illustrated by Alida Massari

The w...ar of Troy has finished and Ulisse leaves to return home, to Itaca. It proves to be a very long journey during which the hero has to deal with many kinds of danger and threat: giants with only one ear, beautiful women who enchant sailors... One of the most famous stories in the world, told in a language which is simple but at the same time faithful to the original. A passionate and moving story about a man who fights against fate and who wins in the end thanks to his courage and intelligence.
A series of comprehension activities, activities to study the characters in more detail and dossiers about the author and the places, accompany the text.

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