Katherine Mansfield Short Stories. Book + CD
  • Katherine Mansfield Short Stories. Book + CD

Katherine Mansfield Short Stories. Book + CD

  • ISBN: 9788853014160
  • Matèria: Anglès
  • Idioma: Anglès
  • Colecció: Black Cat. Reading and training

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  • Autors: K. Mansfield
  • MCER: B2
  • Format: Papel


Katherine Mansfield

Adapted by Gina D. B. Clemen

Human interest

Set in New Zealand and in England, these three short stories by Katherine Mansfield explore the mysterious dark corridors of the mind, where we find happiness, despair and a complex network of other human emotions. In The Garden Party, which is set in New Zealand, Mansfield explores class consciousness, sensitivity and the co-existence of life and death. In The Singing Lesson, a young music teacher experiences a cascade of emotions in the space of a few hours. Feminism, vanity and materialism are the themes of A Cup of Tea.
 Mansfield is one of the great modernist writers who reveals the complexity of human behaviour in seemingly ordinary situations.


: An expression of feelings


 England and class divisions

 1920s: a time of great changes

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