El collar visigodo. libro + CD
  • El collar visigodo. libro + CD

El collar visigodo. libro + CD

  • ISBN: 9788853014252
  • Matèria: Espanyol
  • Idioma: Castellà
  • Colecció: Cideb. Es. Leer y aprender

Más información

  • Autors: D. Villa
  • MCER: A2
  • Format: Papel


Dolores Villa Vázquez
Adapted by Margarita Barberá Quiles


&#...8232 Ana is a German student who has moved to Oviedo to improve her Spanish. One day in her room she finds by chance a diary written by Luisa, the girl who lived there before her: she flicks through it and comes across a very worrying entry? Curious, Ana begins to investigate, along with her friend Sergio, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery.



Asturian gastronomy
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