Sandokan. Book + CD
  • Sandokan. Book + CD

Sandokan. Book + CD

  • ISBN: 9788853004055
  • Materia: Inglés
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Colección: Black Cat. Green apple

Más información

  • Autores: Emilio Salgari
  • MCER: A1
  • Formato: Papel


Emilio Salgari

Adapted by Sally M. Stockton
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Sandokan and his fierce pirates rule the Malaysian Sea in the 1840s, and the British want to capture him. One day he meets Marianna, Lord James&rsquos young niece, and he is immediately attracted by her extraordinary beauty. And she is attracted by his great courage when he fights with a tiger and kills it.
Being the niece of the British commander, their love is impossible, but Sandokan and his friend, Yanez, make a daring plan to take Marianna away from her uncle.
Although Sandokan is captured by the British, he manages to escape and...

East Malaysia

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