A Tale of Two Cities. Book + CD
  • A Tale of Two Cities. Book + CD

A Tale of Two Cities. Book + CD

  • ISBN: 9788853008053
  • Materia: Inglés
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Colección: Black Cat. Reading and training

Más información

  • Autores: Ch. Dickens
  • MCER: A2,B1
  • Formato: Papel


Charles Dickens

Retold by James Butler
Activities by Kenneth Brodey

...> Adventure

Dr Manette is falsely imprisoned for 18 years by the Marquis of Evr&eacutemonde. He is eventually released and goes to England to join his daughter Lucie, who marries the Frenchman Charles Darnay of the Evr&eacutemonde family. During the Reign of Terror Darnay travels to Paris, where he is imprisoned and sentenced to be executed...

The French Revolution
The French Revolution in A Tale of Two Cities

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